WiP Wednesday – Mam’s Jumper

I need to start this post with an apology for this weeks missing Technique Tuesday. I was pretty tied up yesterday and didn’t have time to sort it out. I will have one tomorrow for you though so we’ll have Technique Thursday instead.
But, today is Wednesday and I want to tell you about my current WiP’s!

Joelle JumperI am currently working on a Joelle jumper for my mam. In the Christmas of 2013 I wrapped up a few balls of this sparkly blue yarn for her and promised her a jumper. She chose this one. A very beautiful pattern by the super talented Annekin Allis. Unfortunately, it took me almost a year to complete since I was so busy with design work and, (I really hate to say this), it was really boring to knit. I just didn’t enjoy it at all, which made it take longer than I had hoped.

My Mam finally got her Kate jumper a few weeks before Christmas 2014… and hated it. At the time she had fractured her shoulder so my Dad was helping her dress each day. When he put this jumper on her, he put it on upside down! No reflection of the design I’m sure, just my Dad being such a great follower of ladies fashion! cough!

So, she sadly gave me the jumper back and 1 years work was ripped out in less than 30 minutes.

I told her that this time, I was picking the jumper she was to have and decided on my own design of Joelle since I had had that in mind when I originally bought the yarn. I started it in the beginning of January and we are currently over the shoulders and about to cast off the sleeves. I have altered it slightly to a round neck instead of a boat neck since my Mam hates boat necks. Other than that, she has seen the work so far and is happy with it. Fingers crossed this time it works out well!

Joelle Jumper 2


So that’s my WiP apart from some cute ones I can’t tell you about yet since they are a surprise for my friend. I’ll tell you very soon.

Oh and this arrived a few days ago:

Ella Rae Phoenix DKIt is for a secret project I can’t tell you about until released but it’s the first time I have worked with or seen Ella Rae Phoenix DK in person and wow! It is such a beautiful yarn. I LOVE this colour and I’m so excited for it to become the thing it is intended for. As soon as I can tell you about it, I will! I promise!

See you tomorrow for Tech Thursday!




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