Technique Tuesday – Counting Rows

This weeks Technique Tuesday, we are going back to basics to talk about counting rows.
If you are knitting a pattern that requires you to knit a certain amount of rows, you can use a row counter, like this one from

or just keep checking your knitting.

When working a tricky lace work pattern like this one:

Lace knitting stitch 1

I would definitely advise a row counter, but while working with stocking stitch or something equally simple, I find knitting a while and then checking my rows to be my best option. So how do we know we are counting the right part?

With basic stocking stitch, the right side is a series of v shapes while the wrong side has lots of connecting n shapes.

Stockinette StitchA

On the right side of the above diagram, we have knitted 6 rows.

Row one is the red V, row two is the yellow V, three is the green V, four is purple and row five is blue. The final row is white and still looped as though on the needle.

St st

Can you can see the knitted V’s in the above fabric? There are 10 rows here.

If you find it easier to count on the wrong side of your stocking stitch, that’s ok too.

Reverse Stockinette Stitch- A

Here we have knitted 5 rows, with each colour depicting which loop to count for each new row.

Reverse-Stocking-StitchAgain there are 10 rows here.

Personally I barely every use a row counter. I have them but I find that I forget to turn them or click them when I should and then I get lost in a whirl of “where am I?!”. I find it easier, when knitting tricky lace, to draw a tally. Somehow I don’t forget to pick up the pen and mark down a row on a scrap piece of paper.

Do you have an interesting way of keeping a check of your rows?



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