Monday Mumblings

Since I have not blogged in such a long time, many of you may not have realised (or care) that I have had a revamp here. I decided that I needed to get everything together properly in one place and make the most of this site, plus I wanted it all pretty!

So, I have been thinking through a few things to help me to blog more since I don’t do it enough and, if I’m honest, I struggle to come up with any content for you guys.

From today on I am going to attempt Technique Tuesday where I will show you how to do some knitting technique that you may or may not know already. WIP Wednesday (Work In Progress Wednesday), where I will show you whatever I am making that week, even if it is an encrypted, secret type post where you don’t really know what it is due to magazine obligations. FO Friday (Finished Object Friday) which will more than likely be a monthly thing since I can’t show so much of my work. Stitch Pattern Sunday where I will show you a new stitch pattern which you can use and bend at your will.

I think…just maybe, that will be enough! Some things may be difficult to keep up with each week, but others should be ok. I will also do a few more Monday Mumblings to tell you bits of what is going on and, of course, there will still be me breaking down the patterns from the mags to show you the process of how it got there.

I also intend to work on more self published designs this year so they will be easy for you to access.

All of this and still sleep at night! How will I manage. Only time will tell and hopefully I won’t disappear again around February time :/

My apologies. Such a bad blogger.

I leave you with some inspiration. It works for me…

Imagination Poster


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