Free Pattern Alert!

Just what it says on the tin, here is a new free pattern, just for you. Yes, you!

Cup Cosy
33 Cup Cosy

This is a sweet little cup cosy which can be knitted until it fits your favourite mug. The cable pattern is so simple yet elegant and creates a dense fabric, perfect for keeping your cuppa warm (and not burn your hands!)

Cup Cosy
33 Cup Cosy

It is a perfect stocking filler or last minute Christmas gift.
You can download this pattern for free from Ravelry or right here, right now! (instant pdf download)


4 thoughts on “Free Pattern Alert!

  1. I’m confused about how to work the i-cord off the dpn if I’ve already bound off all the other stitches. Can I get some clarification please?


    1. Hi Christina, I’m sorry I have only just seen this. It’s been so busy I haven’t been near my blog for a while.
      There is an update coming for this pattern over the weekend. The changes made are basically to cast off the entire 16sts and weave in the ends. Then turn the work and add the i-cord to the cast on edge. This is what it should have said originally but I made a mistake on the pattern.
      Here are the new “Make Up” instructions:

      Working with the cast on edge, pick up 3sts along one side of the V made by the first cable.
      Working with those 3 sts, make an i-cord which measures 3 inches (7.5 cms).
      Cast off

      If that doesn’t help, let me know and I’ll try to explain better :)
      I am around now so I should see the comment made.


      Kelly x


  2. Lovely little pattern – I wanted to learn how to do cable and so picked this pattern to give it a go. The largest needles I had were 4 mm and so I used some left over DK and turned it into a headband (see my blog for a pic). I plan to pick a nice yarn and get some 5mm needles so that I can produce a cup cozie at some point soon!


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