Easter Craft Envy

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much lately. I am not arrogant enough to think you care but it bothers me. One of the reasons is that I have knitting going on that I just can’t show you until it is released, and that sucks.

So I have decided to broaden my blog a little and do a few posts about the envy I feel when surfing the net. It happens. I get craft envy, house envy, knitting envy, all kinds of envy. I know you feel it sometimes too. When you look at something and think, “why didn’t I think of that?” or, “Why isn’t y house that beautiful?”… you’re with me here right?

Anyway, it seems there are a lot of Easter crafts popping up at the minute, since it’s Easter and that, so since I am child free for the weekend and have no-one to do the crafts with, I have decided to show you my 10 favourites from the blogosphere.

All link back to the tutorials for how to do it. All will make you a teeny tiny bit envious.

So without further a do Here are my top 10 favourites.

Copyright  of Crafty Endeavor
Copyright of Crafty Endeavor

Egg Garland from CraftyEndeavor.com made by wrapping crochet thread (coated in a goo) around water balloons filled with air. Such a lovely idea.

I also saw a tutorial where they pushed two wrapped sweets into the balloon before blowing it up. When you pop the balloon the sweets are inside the cotton egg.

Egg Wreath
Copyright of Funhomethings.com

Sweet Egg Wreath by FunHomeThings.com

What fun to be had with some plastic eggs, ribbon, a foam wreath and glue!

Felt Carrot Garland by PositvelySplendid.com
copyright of PositvelySplendid.com

Cute little felt carrot garland by Positively Splendid.

This one involves sewing and isn’t all that child friendly, but cute all the same.

Copyright of 99 Crafting
Copyright of 99 Crafting

Super simple googly eggs by 99Crafting.com. Boil and egg and stick the eyes on then draw a random mouth. Kids would love these!

Copyright of Parenting.com
Copyright of Parenting.com

How cute are these!  Carrot Strawberries from Parenting.com. Dip strawberries into warm orange candy melts and leave in the fridge. Once hardened  drizzle more candy melt over them to make these awesome looking carrots. Mine would not look like this I can tell you now!

There are a few Eater food crafts on the linked page and also a link to just go and buy these awesome carrots too!

Copyright of ThatsWhatSheSaid.net
Copyright of ThatsWhatSheSaid.net

A really cute way of tying up a flannel (wash cloth) by ThatsWhatSheSaid.net . You could even put a Cream egg in the center.

Copyright of Pragentemiuda
Copyright of Pragentemiuda

Fabric covered toilet roll centers by Pragentemiuda.org. Really cute. Blog will need translating unless you speak Portuguese.

Copyright of Delightfully Noted
Copyright of Delightfully Noted

I love these Bunny Tail Treat Cups by Delightfully Noted. Super cute and easy to make.

Copyright of Hostess With The Mostess
Copyright of Hostess With The Mostess

How sweet are these terracotta  Easter baskets by HostessWithTheMostess? You could reuse them later too. I know they would look lovely in my kitchen. Really brighten up the place!

Copyright of Sweet Explorations
Copyright of Sweet Explorations

Last, but by no means least, are these gorgeous Maracons by SweetExplorations.com. They look too cute to eat, but they look really tasty. I am super conflicted!

So there you have it, my top 10 Easter crafts.

I hope you find something there you would like to make or why not link something below if you find or make something you think should have been included.

Happy Easter everyone!

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