Free Pattern – Pearl

Wow I’ve been so bad at blogging lately! I have no real excuse except that I have been doing tons of secret knitting so I’ve had nothing to really show you.

But today I have something really nice to show you!

Pearl is my first shawl pattern which I designed for the Let’s Knit Magazine March 2013 issue.

Copyright Let’s Knit Magazine

But now, Let’s Knit have released it on their website for free! Woo!

We all love a freebie right?!

So if you would like to knit this pretty shawl, head on over to Let’s Knit and print off your copy today (or bookmark it for later).

Pearl is a beautiful merino wool scarf and is stylish and lightweight. As Let’s Knit says; it is a lovely accompaniment to both day dresses or evening-wear.



And I promise I am going to blog more…. honest!


8 thoughts on “Free Pattern – Pearl

  1. The shawl is beautiful, but I can’t read the pattern because a huge ad blocks everything with no way to x it out on a 10″ screen…

    I really love the dress. Is that from the magazine, or is it available somewhere?


    1. Hi Gina,
      That’s such a shame about the ad. I’ve just looked and see what you mean but I don’t remember that being there before, so maybe try again in a week or so and see if it has gone.
      As for the dress, it tells you where it is from in the actual print mag for this pattern but for the life of me, I can’t find my copy right now. I will have a good look around tomorrow and find it and let you know though. It is a very pretty dress!


  2. If you press Control and the minus key (it’s beside the plus key) the picture will get smaller and you will see the X you can click on to get rid of the ad.


  3. Kydel,
    This is a simply lovely shawl,,,, simple and elegant. Any advise on how I could enlarge it to be a bit wider as well as longer? The one you feature is fine for the mere wisp of the lovely girl wearing it,, I need something a bit more for my Reubenesque figure. Thanks


    1. Hi Helen
      I’m really glad you like the shawl. Thank you for your lovely compliments.
      It would be really easy to make this wider. In the first section, which is the increase section, keep increasing until it is as wide as you would like it before starting on the middle straight section.
      You could even continue that further to make the shawl longer if you wanted.
      Remember that you will need to decrease longer than the pattern states but just keep going until the final 14 sts. Also, remember you will need more yarn than stated too.
      Good luck with it! I would love to see your completed version!


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