Look At Me All In Print and That!

I have exciting news!

I have been pretty quiet on here lately because I’ve been busy with secret stuff. Kind of like a super hero but without any actual saving lives or specific costume.

One of the things I’ve been dying to tell you is about Emmeline!

Copyright Let’s Knit Magazine 2012

Around February this year I designed this hat and named it Beau Sancy – after the diamond worth £5million but that’s another story.

It was a picot edged beret with diamonds and a swirling crown. It looked like this when I’d done;

Copyright Zegrae Stylefoto. http://www.zegrae.co.uk

It was knitted in Mirasol Wach’i (1511 Light Blue), which is an aran weight, 10 ply yarn. I really wanted to show you all because I loved it and was super proud but I kept quiet and submitted it to Let’s Knit Magazine instead. They only went and liked it!!

So it has now been released in their October issue. There have been a couple of changes. I switched down to a DK weight (8ply) in the gorgeous Fiberspates Scrumptious DK (yum!) and the name was changed to Emmeline.


I am so happy to finally be in print! Hoorah!

So, although I can’t promise to never keep a secret from you again, since I already have lots of them tucked away in my little brain, I can promise that when I share my secrets they will be good ones! Well, they are if you’re me anyway! Depends how much you care I suppose!

Let’s Knit October issue is out in the shops now for you to buy and knit all the goodies in there, including Emmeline. If you want to have a sneak peak of what else is inside you can check it out here on the Ravelry pattern pages.



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