The Seasonal Collection eBook

Copyright Zegrae Stylefoto.

The Seasonal



A collection of five hats, one suitable for every season plus an extra one thrown in for good measure.

Each pattern can be purchased separately or altogether in the eBook for £8.00, which is more than 50% saving!

Hats included are Little Bough, Aestas, Ombellifére, Lain and Chicane.

(PDF download only)
or see them on Ravelry.

Don’t worry, that’s not all I’ll tell you.

From tomorrow I will list each hat separately for you to be able to buy them from this site.

I’ve been working pretty hard today so I’m zonked! But I will list them all and tell you all about them.

Until then you can click the Ravelry link above, which takes you to the eBook page. From there you can see each hat and purchase each one without having to buy them all together, if that’s what you would like.

My apologies for being so quiet on here lately! But you might be able to see why now!

Ill be back tomorrow with Little Bough!



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