Knit – Along Anyone?

Over in my Ravelry group we are about to start a knit along – aka a KAL!

It is beginner friendly as the mod running it, the lovely Shelley, has not been knitting long herself.

There is a choice of two patterns:

Copyright of Zegrae Stylefoto.

Cariad. Knit flat with odd straight needles (one 9mm / US 13, and one 10mm / US 15), this cowl grows fast and easy but looks amazing when it’s complete.


Amy Cowl
Copyright of Zegrae Stylefoto.

The Amy Cowl. Also knit flat with button holes thrown in.

Both cowls are beginner friendly and great for the experienced knitter who just wants a simple project to do while watching tv – like a film with subtitles!

The KAL will start here next week so it gives you plenty of time to get your yarn, needles and notions present and correct.

I would love to see you all there!

The only thing you need is to be a member of Ravelry – ooh! I did a rhyme!


What do you think?

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