The Hats and the Salamander

I have been slacking with this blog again lately and for that I apologise. It’s because I’ve been so busy creating this little lot for you all though…

This little lot have a photo shoot coming up on the 25th July so you will get to see them very soon looking much more beautiful. I’ve also been doing a couple of hats for a UK magazine which is so amazing! They are not released yet but when they are I will tell you all about it!

I also noticed, after taking that photo, that everything I have been knitting lately is either blue of pink. I need to go yarn shopping. I have the perfect excuse!

Talking of pink, I have a new favourite dream pet!

Meet Axolotl!

How cute are these guys!

They are “a neotenic salamander, closely related to the Tiger Salamander. Larvae of this species fail to undergo metamorphosis, so the adults remain aquatic and gilled.” – Wikipedia.

They get studied a lot by scientists since they have the ability to grow back their limbs, creepy yet handy and kinda cool.

They live in Mexico but are currently near extinction due to the urbanization in Mexico City and polluted waters.

I love them and I would love one as a pet. They are actually usually brown or black but the two pictured above are my favourite mutant type – pink with black eyes.

Have you got a dream pet?


14 thoughts on “The Hats and the Salamander

    1. Oh My God! I had never heard of the lap giraffe before! That is amazing! I wish it was real! I actually found the video your photograph is from and watched it about 10 times since my 3 year old loved the guy giving it a kiss! haha!
      I have 3 cats. I’d be so upset if my partner was allergic! We sometimes have up to 9 cats in the house at one time since one of our queens gets pregnant often. We just sold the last in her recent litter yesterday. It’s nice having kittens for a little while twice a year.


    1. Ooh how interesting! I have never even heard of an axolotl until my boyfriend showed me one and said “you’ll like this”. He was right. I don’t think I would want to be one though. Although at least I would have a cute face! haha!
      I will be reading that story tomorrow since I am off to bed now. Thank you for sharing the link!
      And thank you about the knits. I just popped over to see your blog and it looks very interesting. I’ll be having a read through that tomorrow too. Oh, and I love Angry Pear!


    1. I know! How cute! I want to give him smoochies too. Even if he does have one arm longer than the other and grows extra limbs willy nilly!
      And thank you! I just need to get even more busy now, but remember to blog too 😀


    1. Haha! Gaelle! Now if this is the Gaelle I know, you should be able to recognise some of those knits 😀
      One of them you just tester for me haha!
      If it is a different Gaelle..hello! Ignore me 😀

      They are super cute the axolotl! Bizarre name, bizarre creature but awesome like you say!


        1. Haha! Hello 😀
          Ooh well done for recognising them all! The multi-coloured pink one is another Little Bough, but the next pink one hasn’t been seen yet. I’m still unsure.


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