Versatile Blogger Award

Hi There!

Sorry I have not been about much later. I have been attacked by some sort of bug that hates anything useful on my face (eyes, nose, ears… ) and I’ve been poorly sick for a few weeks.  I currently can’t hear anything through my right ear apart from constant ringing. It basically feels like being underwater with huge headphones on, listening to the sound of a fridge. I’m not a happy chappy….

Except, today I am!!

I have been nominated by Crayons and Milk for a Versatile Blogger award! Woot wit’ me!

A massive Thank You to her since I’ve never had a blogging nomination / award before. But I am not going to get my tiny violin out now. I am going to complete the Versatile blogger quest and tell you 7 things about me and then list 15 nominations of my own… So here goes:

Seven Random Things About Myself

  1. I am finding this incredibly hard since I recently did the Me, Me, Meme and that had 20 things about me and I can’t think of anymore!
  2. I am terrible at Fair Isle / Intarsia and make huge holes and ladders in the knitting. I have been practising and getting much better though and should have a Fair Isle hat out very soon!
  3. I watch lots of rubbish TV while knitting. I didn’t realise just how rubbish it all was until the last lot of seasons ended on the shows that I was into and all of them have been cancelled, after one season. You are wondering which shows aren’t you? Ok, Secret Circle, Ringer, Awake, Unforgetable, to name but a few.
  4. We currently have 4 kittens in our house (as well as our usual 3 cats) since our younger female, Maia, had them back in April. They are currently for sale.. 😦
  5. Today I have the house completely to myself All. Day! Kaden is staying with his Grandma and Granddad (my Mam and Dad) and Terry is working nights so he is currently sleeping and will be gone from 8pm until 8am. I have decided that I am going to work on designing a garment. The quiet time is so unusual that I am going to use it to concentrate!
  6. When I am alone I never cook anything. I just live off sandwiches and biscuits. That’s bad isn’t it. I should probably work on that.
  7. I am very pariotic.  (Cue National Anthem). I am proud to be British. I find it funny when we are portrayed posh or with a Londoner accent drinking tea and eating scones. I hate scones. They are always dry and hard to swallow. I also don’t drink much tea since I prefer coffee and I certainly am not posh or a Londoner. I have a coarse Northern accent which I am proud of. I am also proud to be English. My boyfriend is Welsh and when the rugby is on, England v Wales, it’s weird. His whole family support Wales but if I’m sat there too, I’m secretly routing for the England team to win, even though I don’t care about Rugby.

I would like to award 15 more bloggers

(in no particular order)

  1. Needled
  2. Movita Beaucoup
  3. Knitting Kninja
  4. Liver Chick Knits
  5. A Pile of Sheep
  6. Hand Made By Lindsay
  7. Crayons and Milk
  8. For the Knit of it
  9. Knitcircus
  10. Tanis Knits
  11. Eggton
  12. Gluten Free Zen
  13. The Knit Cafe
  14. Dark Matter Knits
  15. Yarni Marni

6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Wow, thank you for the nomination! I promise that as soon as get a chance to finally check out enough blogs, I will pass it on! Wait, that doesn’t sound good. I don’t mean that I only intend to look for blogs for this award….I mean….well…. I have 5 year old twins. Mommy is their favourite word. I don’t get as much time to browse the blogs as I would like, but this will help put browsing at the top of my to do list! Yay!


    1. Haha! I know the feeling. I have just one 3 year old son and all I hear is “Mammy”. There is not enough time in the day for all the blogs I want to read.
      I LOVE your recent piranha plant earrings!! I wish I could make stuff like that. They are amazing!


    1. You are welcome! I know you haven’t blogged for a while but you have had your reasons so I hope you are feeling better! I love your blog 😀


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