Meet Jekyll, Though It Could Be Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde Socks

I am making my first ever pair of socks. First. Ever.

I got some very gorgeous cashmere from eBay a few weeks ago. It is a 4ply 100% cashmere with no label or other information about it. As soon as I touched it, I fell in love, but decided, unselfishly, that it had to be used on something just for me since, with no label, I couldn’t design something with it due to the lack of information provided. See, unselfish to the core me.

So, since it’s a sock weight yarn, I decided to give some a try.

I’ve always been interested in making socks, since I started knitting again back in April 2011, but they always seemed daunting. After asking advice from my lovely group on Ravelry, I chose something that I didn’t think looked too taxing, worked with 4ply and the only pair of tiny dpn’s I have, 2.25mm.

The result was Jekyll and Hyde by The Sexy Knitter, Sarah Wilson.

Since I’ve got a solid coloured yarn, I figure these will be very much Jekyll, however, if they give me any trouble they will definitely become Hyde.

I’m also pretty worried about the second sock syndrome which I know for a fact I will get since the pictures you have seen took me a good 2 hours to knit up last night. Tiny needles and light weight yarn make Kelly a slow ass knitter!

Wish me luck! I will post my progress over the coming weeks/months. This may take some time!


2 thoughts on “Meet Jekyll, Though It Could Be Hyde

    1. Aww Thank you! I’m glad someone has some faith haha!
      The yarn is lovely. Super soft and floofy!
      I’m about to start the pattern section now. It’s only taken me forever to get the rib done haha!


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