Work In Progress

All has been a bit quiet in the Kydel camp once more. What with secret knitting, family illnesses and general poop month, I’ve had nothing to tell you about.

Now, we are all healthy again and I actually have something I can show you! Hooray!

So, let me first introduce you to Label Case;

Label Case
Copyright of Zegrae Stylefoto.

Those of you who pop by my Facebook page from time to time may remember me telling you I was making some smoking hot, sexy leg warmers. Here they are! Only a few months later 😀 It takes a while from making them to getting photos, writing the pattern out, having the pattern tested…. Anyhoo, smoking hot right?

They could of course be used for dancing in a ballet stylee or keeping you warm under your boots, but I kinda like how Teila has them here too.

Consisting of two running cables and lace up each side, I thought long and hard about a name for them. Label Case… well I never said I was a genius!

I will be listing them in my shop to purchase and the pattern will be released very soon after. Watch this space.

The other thing I’ve noticed lately, while stalking knitting blogs, is people talking about their knitting spaces / offices.

How I would love a knitting office. A space that is full of yarn with no cats, kids or Terry’s allowed. Somewhere like this:

Knitting Studio

What? Granted, I wouldn’t need the till… Ok, like this then;

Knitting Studio

which is where I would sit to knit and this too;

Knitting Studio

However, I don’t have a studio, office or knitting space. I have an incredibly untidy table which I will not show you. You don’t need to see how untidy I can be. And I have a chair.

That’s right. I have a knitting chair.

It actually looks quite organised and tidy in this photo. It’s usually covered in god know what project.

Anyway, one day, maybe I will get my studio.

I will leave you with a sneak peak of my current project. Not telling you what it is, just something I’m working on at the minute;

You can also see a sneak peak of my pattern writing skills here. Tons of scribble and not a lot of sense…


4 thoughts on “Work In Progress

    1. Oh honestly, I would become a terrible mother though since I would never leave that room. I’d have to have a blow up bed in there and everything 😀


  1. Haha me too. Just to be able to sit quietly for five minutes and read through a few submissions would be nice 😀
    I’m currently trying to read through some new magazine submissions with my 3 year old bouncing next to me on the sofa with “Mam! Mam! Mam!” Arghhhhh!


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