What’s New Scooby Doo?

Wow I have been slacking on the blogging front. I am sorry. I’ve been so busy with new designs that I can’t show you and not much else really. Only boring stuff. But slacking is not what I want and it has been bothering me that I have nothing to blog about. So I’ll tell you a few things I’ve been doing with some really crappy pictures from my phone. Blackberrys make awesome business buddies but photographers they do not make…

Wedding Dress

I saw the most beautiful wedding dress the other day. I was so taken by it that I actually took a photo from across the street. Something I have never done before. The picture is terrible, I know, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I’m not even getting married. That’s due to finance and not choice, but if I were about to tie the knot, I would be flouncing about in this thing. I know that a lot of people will look at this dress and go “Arghhh! That’s huge!” and I would normally have the same reaction but something about that dress made me swoon, and also compel me to take a crappy photo.

Walk to SchoolOn my way to pick up Kaden from school today I took another look around the village where we live. We haven’t been here long, since July last year, but I love it here already. I took a couple of photographs on my walk but I promise to take more very soon. It is looking stunning around here at the minute with the recent snow and I know it will look just as beautiful when Spring and Summer arrive. We are surrounded by the countryside in a little village where everyone says “Hello” as they pass. It’s taking me some time to get used to it as I’ve always been a city girl, but I know I’m in the place I want to be for a long time now.

Village Church

We had a lot of snow at the weekend, like most places in the world, but it seems to be dissappearing very fast. I was glad that we rushed out on the main day and played with Kaden. He loves the snow, like all kids, and had a great time.

We built a snowman first. He was only little this year since Daddy wasn’t helping much after a night shift and Mammy was exhausted pushing the body around the garden. Kaden was happy with him, even though you can’t tell from his face. This is one child you have to catch unaware’s to get a good photograph. He has no idea how to do a natural smile without looking pained. Snowman

Then we went sledging! This was awesome! Daddy helped and I nearly got squashed taking this photograph! But it is one of my most favourite photos ever. The joy on Kaden’s face!

Finally I have a new hat to show you. Revolver is a two colour twisted pom pom hat. I will release the pattern next week and all my favourite bloggers will be first to know. That’s you lot by the way!

Revolver Hat
Copyright of Zegrae Stylefoto. http://www.zegrae.co.uk

6 thoughts on “What’s New Scooby Doo?

    1. Thank you so much!
      That dress blew me away. The town near my village is not really the place for something so spectacular!
      I will definitely get some more photographs of my village up when I have the time to take some. I’m sure Kaden will be involved in them. 😀


    1. Yeah, me either. I’ve seen nice dresses before but nothing made me stop and take a photo. I was really self conscious in the street cos the woman in the shop was standing right behind it in the shop. I pretended I was texting as I walked away haha!


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