Happy New Year!

I know I’m a day late. But trust me, yesterday you did not want to see the state I was in. Blogging was the last thing on my mind. But I’m almost back to normal now (about 85% I think) so yay! Time to say hello 2012!
I’m now going to pinch something from one of my favourite blogs.
Every New Year, Alex Tinsley, over at Dull Roar, has a look back over the year of patterns she has released. They are all placed together in one picture and I think that’s such a lovely idea to be able to see what you accomplished that way.
Here is mine:

So I achieved 9 pattern releases which makes me very happy since I only started to design my own things in April 2011. So that’s 1 every month plus an extra 1. Happy days!
You can link to any of them through my pattern page up the top of this blog.

They have to be done. Everyone looks at a new year as a new start for things. By the time I get to the first week of November I’m already thinking, “No point doing that now, I’ll start in the New Year.”
So here they are:

  • Lose weight. Every year I have to shift some Xmas fattage.
  • Continue to write patterns while studying into knitwear design more.
  • Train myself up properly. I will complete my Knitting workshop and get more handy with the needles.
  • Blog better. I need to tell you more knitting things. I keep a lot of secrets from you!
  • Finally,

  • Get a pattern in a magazine, whether that’s online like Knitty.com or a paper magazine. Maybe make an E-Book or something.
  • Yeah, I haven’t thought about it all too much. I just know that this year I want to really focus on becoming a more professional knitwear designer. I will have more time since my son is starting nursery so I’ll have 3 hours to myself every day. I will let you know what happens throughout, as much as I can.

    My apologies for the terrible writing style of this post. I am obviously still only at 60% recovery from New Years Eve.


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