Work In Progress…

This week I have 3 works in progress..actually I have 4 but I only photographed 3.

I can only give you sneak peaks of each item since these are either pattern ideas or Christmas presents. Here we go:

Ooh ooh what’s that on that hat?? I’m not telling. I actually need to rip this back and go again. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted it. That’s why you can see some of it is no longer on the needles. Must buy some graph paper and chart it properly since my computer programme is rubbish for charting colours ūüė¶

What’s that you say? Shut up moaning and show me the next one? Ok…

Can’t say too much about this one since it’s a¬†Christmas¬†present. I ran out of yarn so it is sitting happily having a rest. I’ll get more of the stuff I need tomorrow and finish it tomorrow night probably. It knits up super fast since the needles are the size of baby arms.

Last but not least: 

I can tell you absolutely nothing about this. It might work out for me. It might be frogged. It’s already hit some snags at this point (it’s not just ribbing involved, I’m not that bad) so we will see. Time will tell if I can cut it in the knitting design world.

And there you have it. The 4th one I mentioned is an advent calender I’m making for Kaden with mini stockings and mittens. I¬†currently¬†have 10 and need another 14. I have 10 days left. It’s all good.


What do you think?

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