All Done

Ninja Mask of Awesomeness

Terrys Ninja Mask (of Awesomeness) is complete. It was actually done a couple of days ago but I’ve been waiting for him to stand still and let me take a photo.

These were done quite late last night so there is a lot of shadowing unfortunately, but them’s the breaks love.

I did find knitting this a bit boring at the end. I was happy when it was done. The shoulders grow quicker than you think though to be fair so I was actually shocked when I saw how far down it was after cast off.

Ninja Mask of Awesomeness

I got a bit carried away with the nose though and it’s much larger than it should be. But we can put that down to extra breathing space. Ok? Ok.

Anyway, he tested it out last night.

Ninja Mask of Awesomeness

And he was very pleased. Said it worked a treat. His little face is all warm again while on his motorbiking travels.

I made one slight modification to this pattern. Since Terry is pulling a helmet on over the top if this, the helmet was initially pulling it down and it was difficult to get into place. So I have weaved some elastic through the top so it stays in place around his eyes and nose.

Over all, I would recommend this for the bikers amongst you. Esp in this climate. Apparently, it makes the bike quieter too. All Ninja esk like…


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