Work In Progress

I have decided to try to do a weekly post about the current work on my knitting needles.

I said a few days ago that, now I’m back to being almost stress free (yeh, whatever…) I am starting Ninja Mask (of Awesomness) for Terry and then my Knitting Workshop to be come a knitting super hero…or something like that.

So this is it so far. The Ninja Mask for Terry. This is at the point under the chin about to start on the neck after the decreases.

This pattern is not for the light hearted knitter though. There are no set instructions for each size. You have to do a fair bit of maths and working out, measuring and trying on to get it right.

This did put me off at the beginning. I’m not a big fan of a pattern where I have to do a lot of work on the maths side of things. I’m useless at maths, that’s why. Not great for a wannabe knitting pattern designer! Probably why I stick to hats 😀

I decided to give the pattern a go in the end for…well, for love really. Terry would have been sad if I didn’t try to make it for him, even though he said he didn’t mind. Plus, once you get going it flows on it’s own. It’s also kinda fun hearing Terry shout “Oh my God, it looks like a face!”

I’ll keep you up to date on the progress. I’m past the stage in the photo now. The neck is done and tonight I will start the shoulder section.

In a few days I might have a picture of Terry wearing his brand new Ninja mask like he’s always dreamed of.

He is super excited. I kid you not.


2 thoughts on “Work In Progress

    1. Haha! I have no doubt he will skulk about wearing it. He has always wanted to be a ninja. He wears those split toe trainers that ninjas wear (not sure how cos they would super irritate me) and sneaks up on people a lot without really trying.
      The pattern says: “Stealthy as a fox, Sleek as a ferret And silent like a slug in the night”. Terry likes that.


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