The Last Few Days…

Well…they’ve been pretty busy like!

I had Halloween to sort, a craft fair to prepare for and my brothers wedding to go to, all in one week. I think it was the most stressful week I’ve ever had in terms of preparation. Terry was working nights 6 days out of 7 so he was not able to help in the slightest. I have been a little bit WAHHHHHH!!!! to put it mildly.

Anyhoo it is now all done and dusted and I am back to a stress free existence… well, as stress free as my life can be anyway.

“Why was she so stressed? Jeez!”… Oi! I heard that! Well…let me section this off and show you why…

First was Halloween. I was already preparing for the craft fair at this point but Kaden needed an outfit. We are pretty poor and just couldn’t afford to go and buy one this year…so I made one.

I’m not entirely sure what I made! He wanted to be a monster. I got some of his old clothes and cut up an old red top and old black trousers, then I sewn them to Kadens old clothes. I already had a large cape so I just made that fit. The horns…well that’s a cut up egg carton, painted red and sewn to some elastic.

The scythe was from the local supermarket for 75p and the skeleton bag was £1.50 so it cost next to nothing and he got a lot of compliments. Surprisingly!

I actually took photographs for a tutorial so I might do that next year before Halloween. It was pretty good for zero cash. It took me 2 days to complete but would probably have only taken a day if I didn’t have other stuff to do in between.

Then I had to get prepared for my brothers wedding. Not much for me to do except pack the bags etc and make sure the whole family (me, Terry and Kaden) had everything we needed. I think I was just so stressed because I had the craft fair the following Sunday from the Friday wedding and I had a lot to prepare still.

Anyway, we had a lovely day and Michelle (my new Sister-in-law) looked completely stunning.


Finally The craft fair…. I was knitting pretty much constantly for 3 weeks to get a fair few items. My carpal tunnel syndrome (mentioned here) caused a few delays and I probably would have had a few more bits and bobs if it hadn’t cropped up.

So now I am relaxed and calm. I am about to start making Ninja Bike Mask (of awesomeness) for Terry since it is pretty cold here in the UK now and Terry drives a motorbike to work. His little face keeps getting all cold. Bless him. Plus he has ALWAYS wanted a Ninja Mask of Awesomeness…even before he saw it!
I will show you my progress with that and once it is done I will be starting my Knitting workshop. Oh Yes.


2 thoughts on “The Last Few Days…

    1. Ooh “Monster Chic”… I like that 😀
      I am very stress free this week. It feels like a massive weight has lifted. I was definitely not myself last week. I think I may have some hair missing since I was tearing chunks out haha!


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