Knitting Workshop

Since this blog is actually supposed to be about knitting and not my crap kitchen skills, I have decided to tell you all what I’m up to knit wise.

Not my knitting basket

It’s been quite quiet on the knit front lately since I’m back preparing for a craft fair on the 6th November and have no time to create anything new, which sucks cos I have lots of ideas but I just have to put them on the back burner until this is done.

The other thing I’ve decided to do is train myself up a bit. Although I know some stuff about knitting I don’t know everything…honestly, I don’t. I know it looks like I have mad skillz but I’m a novice compared to Eunny JangAnn Kingstone or Amy Hall to name a few. So, since I am el skinto and can’t afford to do any knitting masters (it honestly exists here look…see), I’m going to train myself. I know of other knitters who have done the same and it seems to have helped so here is my lengthy list of knitting training…

Cast Ons:
All from

Long-Tail Cast-On, Single Cast-On (backward loop method), Cable Cast-On, Knitting-On

Personally I almost always use the knitting on method. I don’t like Single Cast on that much since I find the first row difficult to knit since I have to do the cast on tight to get it even. I only really use it between a thumb gusset.

Bind Offs:
All from

Basic Knit Bind-Off *, Basic Purl Bind-Off *, Suspended Bind-Off, Single Crochet Bind-Off, Double Crochet Bind-Off, Sloped Bind-Off, Binding off “In Pattern” *, Knit-One Purl-One Bind-Off *, One-Over-Two Bind-Off, Three Needle Bind-Off.

Phew! I never knew there were so many. The * ones I have done and usually use. As for the rest… not a clue mate. I will learn.

k2tog (Knit Two Together)*, SSK (Slip Slip Knit)*, SSK “Improved”, KRPR (Knit, Return, Pass, Return), SKP (Slip One, Knit One, Pass the Slipped Stitch Over), k2tog tbl (Knit Two Together Through the Back Loops), SSP (Slip Slip Purl), Crossed Right Slanting Decrease.

* the ones I’ve done and know well.


M1A (Make One Away), M1T (Make One Towards), M1R (Make One Right), M1L (Make One Left), KRL (Knit Right Loop) (KLL (Knit Left Loop), KFB (Knit Front and Back) *, Moss Increase, Afterthought Yarnover, YO (Yarn Over)*

* the ones I’ve done and know well. It seems I have much to learn even with the basics 😦

Once that crap is out the way I’ll start on the real stuff, the stuff that I actually want to learn…

I found a nice pdf on cables from this site.
The pdf link is here if you would like it too.

A one-cable serpentine is simply a cable that moves sinusoidally left and right as it progresses. Higher-order braids are often made with such serpentines crossing over and under each other.

A two-cable braid can look like a rope, if the cables always cross in the same way (e.g., left over right). Alternatively, it can look like two serpentines, one on top of the other.

A three-cable braid is usually a simple plait (as often seen styled in long hair), but can also be made to look like the links in a chain, or as three independent serpentines.

A four-cable braid allows for several crossing patterns.

The five-cable braid is sometimes called the Celtic princess braid, and is visually interesting because one side is cresting while the other side is in a trough. Thus, it has a shimmering quality, similar to a kris dagger.

The six-cable braid is called a Saxon braid, and looks square and solid. This is a large motif, often used as a centerpiece of an aran sweater or along the neckline and hemlines.

The seven-cable braid is rarely used, possibly because it is very wide.

So there you go. You will sleep better tonight for knowing that…if you haven’t nodded off already.

Palindrome is a reversible cabled scarf so I might give that a go too.
Closed Loop too.
Little cables cos I would love to be able to do that properly.
Finally this will probably help too from Eunny Jang.

Swatch Patterns I like the look of:
Linen Stitch

Linen Stitch

Loop Stitch (or Fur Stitch)
Tunnel Stitch
Lotus Flower Stitch

Lotus Flower Stitch
Lotus Flower Stitch

Angel Wings
Winding Columns
Wheat in the Wind
Mountain Peaks
Chain of Hearts
Butterfly Stitch
Honeycomb Cable
Drop Stitch Pattern
Trinity Stitch

Trinity Stitch

I’m sure there’ll be more of those.

Colour Work:
2 colour flat: I’ve done a bit of before but these are cool.
2 colour round: I have done too but would like to try socks and I love these
Multi colour round: This is cute.
Multi colour flat: If you can do it in the round, you can do it flat as far as I am concerned. I might look for something later though, it depends how much I want to punish myself.

Short Rows:
Tycus by Brooke T. Higgins
Short Rows Wavy Hat by Lee Meredith
Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap by Flor

Diagonal Knitting
I’m not going to go overboard with this because I’ve already done some diagonal knitting but I’m going to do this Scarf and leave it as that.

I’ve done shirring before so I don’t think I’ll bother with it in this excersise. If you are interested in shirring though,
Shirred Hat by Cla ra Masessa is a good place to start.

Attached i-Cord
Applied i-Cord
Coiled i-cords

Seams: Matress Stitch, Kitchener Stitch and Three-Needle Bind Off both from
Steeking: I hadn’t even heard of steeking until a few months ago. Apparently it’s a Norweigen thing, knitting jumpers in the round and then cutting a gap for the arm holes…. okaaay…. Lets give it a go.
Eunny Jang again.
Bad Oyster by Alexandra Tinsley. I already bought this pattern a while back but haven’t had chance to do it yet. It will be part of my training.
Hems: Sewing shut and facings and again plus Beyond the basics with Vogue darling.
I know how to do picot so I won’t bother with that one.


Flat: Quant
Round: Entrelac hat which also deals with shaping a bit.
Shaping: looks fiddly
And I just love these Entrelac Socks by Eunny Jang so I need to get good and make them.

Eunny Jangs Entrelac Socks

Bente B’s Smoked Hat

Raglan Shaping
Top Down: Something small like this and then something bigger like this or this.
Bottom Up: This which could also work for colour work so two birds 1 stone and all that.

Argyle: I love these Socks
Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon Osborn.
Possibly this character scarf because Terry loves Mario and when I told him about this he was like a 5 year old wanting me to make cakes.

Illusion Knitting
I don’t want to do anything massive with this. I just want to see how it works.
Illusion Tulips Pattern by MuseSusan. I like tulips.
and Christmas dishcloths Yay!

Vertigo Scarf

Knitting Grannies

Double Knitting
Double Bump Dishcloth by Missy Angus
Simple Double Knit Headband by Sandy Montag

Single color, multicolored, flat, round, increase and decreases.
I can probably learn all of those from this site.
Then, Headband and Hat

Bat-wing Shape
Love this: Bat wing by Beautia Dew

Olive by Diana Hanna and
Pleated Scarf
by Sasha Kagan

Later down the line:
Nupps and more nupps.

By the time I finish that little lot I’ll probably bit pretty old, but at least I’ll be skilled to foof! Or dead.


6 thoughts on “Knitting Workshop

    1. Of course I did it just for you! I think, looking back, I actually did it as a massive punishment for myself. Not sure what I did to deserve it yet.
      You should definitely have a go at more stuff though. There are some pretty amazing patterns there and I bet you would look dashing in a hat 🙂


    1. I have just saved this comment from being in the spam list. I didn’t know it was there. Even my blog was so gob-smacked by it, it thought it couldn’t be true! I am a MASSIVE Amy Hall fan. Thank you for taking the time to make a comment on my little blog and please keep inspiring me to knit!
      Seriously… woah!


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