I Know, I Know…

Just a very quick post to apologise for not being around for DAYS on here.
I have had to sort, arrange, plan and cook for my sons 3rd Birthday tea party. It was incredibly stressful and I was going to put up my recipe for an orange non-bake cheesecake on here but forgot to take pictures of the finished cake within the chaos of the party. Pfft!
Then I had the birthday itself to do. (Party was on the 9th, birthday was the 11th).
We are now on the 13th and you may be thinking, ok…but that was 2 days ago. Sort your shit out love, but I have a problem 😦
I have developed some sort of ailment where my hands, arms and legs are constantly tingling and numb. It is proving quite hard to type and knit too, so the craft fair I was getting ready for is out.
I have orders to make and finding it increasingly difficult to… well, make. I’m off to my doctor this afternoon to book an appointment and we’ll go from there. I was initially thinking I had carpal tunnel but I’m not so sure why I would now have numb legs and feet. Not so great sounding.
Anyway, I will keep you all informed of my progress and once I make another cheesecake I’ll get it on here cos it was gorgeous!!

See you soon!


9 thoughts on “I Know, I Know…

    1. Oh Beaucoup you make me giggle πŸ™‚
      1. I’m going to check through the birthday pictures to see if I can see the cheesecake in the buffet shots and pluck it out. Won’t be perfect but it’s a start.
      2. I am better…ish. Doctor says I have a trapped nerve in my neck I will need x-rays for and carpal tunnel. I have some tablets that are easing it up so I can knit again! Hooray! I have to go back in a week…pfft!
      3. I’m going to post more now I can do stuffs with the old hands. Honest guv! Won’t leave you hangin’ much longer πŸ˜€


    1. Aww thank you very much!
      I hope the doctor sorts something too cos it’s a buggar not being able to feel anything but pins and needles in your arms all day.
      Feeling much better now though thanks to meds.

      I passed the Happy Birthday message to my 3 year old. He said “Happy Birthday to you too” … so there we go πŸ˜€


  1. I thought of a trapped nerve as soon as I read your post. Hopefully it’s not too bad and that a couple of trips to the chiropractor/physio will sort it out. Crossed fingers for you!


    1. Thank you!
      I have been much better since the doctor gave me some tablets (anti-inflammatory ones) but I took my last two yesterday since it was only a one week course. I have to give it a couple of days and if the tingling comes back I have to go straight back to the doctors.
      It’s been nice to have a few tingleless days tbh! I was starting to feel like numbness was normality 😦


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