McDougal Mitts

McDougal Mitts
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McDougal Mitts


My partner, Terry, was watching a film called Burke & Hare
and a character called Helen McDougal (played by Isla Fisher)
was wearing a pair of green gloves with red edging and red bows.
She wore them very briefly and I never actually saw them.
Terry told me I should make “green fingerless gloves with red
ends and red bows” So these gloves were born. I named them
McDougal mits after the character who wore them.
Very easy pattern. If you are not comfortable knitting in the
round there is an option to knit flat as well.
(PDF download only)
or see it on Ravelry.

Sizes: McDougal Mitts

To fit one size: Adult


100g /120 yards /110 meters King Cole Lightweight Magnum Chunky / Bulky / 12 ply.
10g King Cole Lightweight Magnum Chunky in contrasting colour.

1 pair Size 5mm straight needles (flat only)
Set of Size 5mm DPN’s (round only)
3 stitch markers
1 yarn needle

17.5sts / 26 rows = 4 inches in st st

Skills required:  McDougal Mitts

Basic stocking stitch

Decreasing in knit

Knitting in the round (if working the round pattern)

Increasing by Making stitches

Instructions are provided in written format.

Originally published September 2011.

PDF file size: 482KB


4 thoughts on “McDougal Mitts

    1. Hi Sarah-Beth,
      I have added a link so you can see the mits on Ravelry with more information and pictures of other knitters project. The pattern is a purchasable one though, not a free one, so you won’t see it written down anywhere. It is a bargain at £3.00 though since you get a pattern for them in the round and a pattern for them knit flat so it’s two patterns in one 🙂

      Hope this helps.



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