Layburn Mits

Ooh two posts in one day…

So I started to make some mits in the stylee of these.

I didn’t want them so long and I actually didn’t want to go into that pattern too deep since it was like a wall of text and, no offence to the designer, I can’t work that way. So, since I know how to make a mit, I decided to make my standard mit with the pattern on top.

Here’s the first. I haven’t weaved in the ends yet because I’m wondering wether to rip it back a bit.

I love it and they are for me so will definitely be worn, but the thumb gusset is a bit too big. I wasn’t really concentrating. I was too busy watching X-Factor if truth be known. Now Terry is telling me not to bother ripping back since they are “only for (me)” and I’m thinking I might not wear them that much if the thumb gusset keeps flapping in the wind and yelling “YooWoo! I’m massive! You did me wrong!”… hmmmz, I think I rip back is in order…


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