5,4,3,2,1 Things

Craftzine.com has been asking designers and the likes to answer 1,2,3,4,5 things about themselves and I wanted to have a go.
So, here is me, having a go…

One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of:

1: I would probably say it’s my School Daze pom pom hat.

School Daze
Copyright Zegrae Stylefoto. http://www.zegrae.co.uk

It is not knit in a conventional way since it started life as a cabled cowl. The ribbing is done later and it has a contrasting cast off edge for a bit of snaz. I kinda like it 🙂

Two Mistakes You’ve Made in the Past:

1: Not going to uni and buncking off most of college so I have no actual qualifications in anything. I was in a band with 2 other girls at the time. All I wanted was to be a guitarist in a rock band. It didn’t work out and I left at 26 years old. Too old to be studying since I had to support myself. I really should have went back to school but I thought things would just fall into place. They didn’t. Now I’m doing what I really want to do but with no training or real skills.

2: Getting into debt and running away from it. It’s kinda scary when every time the phone rings it’s someone wanting money from you. I tend to avoid the phone if I don’t recognise the number :S

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique:

1: Sometimes Terry thinks up the ideas. “Make some green gloves with a red bow and red ends” … Ok.

Copyright Zegrae Stylefoto. http://www.zegrae.co.uk

2: I knit as I go. I usually don’t have much more than a sketchy plan in my head and go from there, writing down what I just did as I go. Sometimes I get too carried away and forget to write things down for too long. Then when I have to write out the pattern for release I have to knit little sections again to see what I did. Dur!

3: I never do gauge swatches. I know I should. I know I should learn how certain yarns knit up and what size it will be etc…but I don’t. I just want to make things. Swatches feel like a waste of my time when I could be making something else. You can slap my wrists now.

Four Tools You Love to Use:

1: My bunch of bamboo circular needles (16 in), esp my little fatty (10mm)

2: My tatty row counter. I don’t use it lots but when I do it reminds me of my Nana since it was hers and she died 10 years ago. A month or so ago, Kaden took it and dropped it in a glass of fizzy pop. It came back really sticky and hard to turn. I won’t buy a new one though until it can’t do the job any more.

3: I have a lot of vintage straight needles which were also my Nana’s. I don’t get to use them too much because I tend to knit in the round, but when I do get to use them they’re lovely.

4: James C Bretts 100% pure merino. It is so soft and feels almost like silk. It’s my favourite yarn to work with.

Five Inspirations:

1: Nature. Strange as that might sounds. There is a lot of things out there that give cause for inspiration.

2: Films and TV. Lots of inspiration can be taken from what others are wearing.

3: The internet… kinda like above.

4: Other designers. Some people say they don’t look at other designers so they don’t steal ideas accidently but I draw a lot of inspiration from them. I also check around on ravelry when I have an idea to make sure no-one else has had it first (which is a nightmare when they have cos my idea is wiped).

5: My son. Sounds corny but some of the things he likes to wear are an inspiration to make him something a bit better. Cheap jumpers or hats can be re made into something better.

Some of them are a bit hard but cool 🙂 Nice to get my brain working.

If you decide to do the same let me know! I love finding out all this stuff. I got the idea from Alex at Crafty as Fuck. She inspires me to make more hats 🙂


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