Chilli Con Carnie

I haven’t been around for a few days. Busy Busy Busy with nothing much really happening. I hate that.

Anyhoo I is back in front of lappy and telling you about my tea the other night. I made chilli con carnie, which I realise is not some great new invention of mine, or something you can’t find a recipe for…but it’s MY recipe so it will be spesh!

I put a LOT of shiz in my chilli. A LOT.

This isn’t all of it.  I forgot to put a few things there and added them later.

So… The following list of ingredients is fine if you are feeding the 5000. I store it away for other days when I can’t be bothered to cook so if you want the chilli for one night only, use a smaller amounts. This serves around 12 – 15 people 😀


750g Minced beef

1 Large onion

Two handfuls of mushrooms

3 peppers (red, green or yellow, doesn’t matter. I put all 3 in of different colour)

1 tin of baked beans

1 tin of Kidney Beans

2 tins of plum tomatoes

2 birdseye chillis

1 dessert spoon Extra hot chilli powder

3 cloves of garlic

2 dessert spoon of tomato purée

approx 4 dessert spoons of gravy granules

1 dessert spoon of mixed herbs

salt and pepper


Chop your onion, mushrooms, peppers and chilli. They can be as fine or as roughly chopped as you like them.  I don’t like them too fine since I like my chilli to have substance but it is your prerogative dear friend.


Using a deep pan, brown the mince onions and garlic. Then add mushrooms and a little water as the mixture will be dry at this point, then add the tinned tomatoes. Once these have started to heat through and started to bubble add the chopped chilli, chilli powder, mixed herbs, chopped peppers, baked beans, kidney beans and tomato purée. Just bung it all in! At this point you can also add any salt and pepper if you require. You can omit the chilli powder if you don’t want it too hot. Terry likes it hot enough to have cartoon steam blowing from his ears. Let it all cook down and add any water if it becomes to dry or thick. The very last thing is adding the gravy granules, this will further thicken the dish so bare this in mind before you add it! If the sauce is already thick add a little water before adding the gravy granules.

Leave it simmering away for 30 minutes.

Serve With:

Boiled rice and sour cream.

Oh…and garlic bread! Yummy!



4 thoughts on “Chilli Con Carnie

    1. Oh definitely jump on! jump on! It’s a fun wagon! I love shrooms. Terry hated them when he met me and I forced him to bow down to the power of the shrooms by sneakily adding them into things bit by bit. Finely chopped at first and now chunky shrooms! He loves them now 😀


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