Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Pesto and Camembert

I love chicken wrapped in bacon.

I love green pesto.

I LOVE Camembert.

Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Pesto and Camembert

So I decided they would be nice all together. I kinda got an idea from my mam who had watched a programme where they cooked Chicken wrapped in bacon with red pesto and cream cheese. Well I didn’t have any red pesto and I didn’t have any cream cheese. Actually, truth be known, I sent Terry to the shop for cream cheese and he came back with camembert. Not cos he’s thick or anything, just cos he thought it would be better…even though he hates camembert…I don’t know either.

The outcome of this was a GORGEOUS dinner that I wanted more of but couldn’t cos I didn’t make anymore…sigh.

This is so easy. If I can do it then a monkey could. Serious.



Chicken Breasts (enough for one per person)

Green (Basil) Pesto (1 tsp per breast)

Camembert (3 or 4 slices per breast)

Bacon (2 slices per breast)


Get your chicken breasts.  Slice through the center and to the far edge making a flap across the top like a pocket. You could get really clever and do this all neat and perfect but I’m a clumsy oaf and I cut haphazardly.

Spread 1 tsp of pesto evenly inside your chicken pocket. Don’t go over board with the pesto no matter how much you love it. It gives a salty taste in this environment and could get overpowerering if you play to the pesto gods.

Slice the camembert and place 3 – 4 slices inside your pocket. I will leave it to you to decide just how cheesy you want it.

(I did have a photo to put here but it looks rank so I’m not defacing my blog with it.)

Wrap two slices of bacon around the chicken. You could use cocktail sticks to pin it in place if you wanted to. I never bother but it is a bit fiddly. Just remember to remove the cocktail sticks before it gets near your mouth.

Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Pesto and Camembert


Place the breasts on a tray and bake in the oven at 200 degrees. I put mine on my grill tray so the fat can drip out but you don’t have to. They can go straight into a baking tray. S’all good!

They don’t take long. Around 15 minutes and it’s done. Keep checking cos if you over do it the chicken will dry out. Then you’ll be chewing for a month.

Serve With:

Whatever the hell you like mate. We had it with jacket potato and sweet corn. I’ve had this before with pasta. It goes with all sorts.

Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Pesto and Camembert

I mentioned earlier about the pesto giving a salty taste. Don’t let that put you off. I hate salt. I barely cook with it even though I know I should, but this is still beautiful. Trust me.

However…if you don’t like it, don’t blame me. You probably cooked it wrong. 😛



2 thoughts on “Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Pesto and Camembert

  1. Me too but it’s usually a pleasant surprise for me haha! My cooking is normally pretty bad 😀
    Well…I can cook some things well…but not a lot. I need to expand my repertoire.


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